Tuesday, February 04, 2014


 Uplifting To Finally Wake up to Blue skies this morning
2/4 Photography Heartwarming
Uplifting / Touching / Moving

It feels like we haven't had a blue sky kind of sunny day in at least a week. The skies have been flat, gray and just cold looking. Even though we have snowstorm Nika predicted for tomorrow, today was a blue sky, get out of the house kind of day. I took this picture from the kitchen window since I wasn't sure how long the blue sky would last. The kaleidoscope effect is because it is a fun thing to do and leaving the bottom colorless is a reflection of what if feels like when the skies are not blue. 

Not sure what else to take a picture for heartwarming unless it would be of my cats. The two cats that are always found together in the morning or during the day in the sun. Check out the second picture, the black cat is hugging the other one. It can be disturbing some days the positions that they are in. But I just couldn't go the cat route yet for a another picture. I really don't want to be known as the cat lady.

Today I cooked a sweet and sour chicken recipe that my mother had sent to me from the Betty Crocker Web site. It is a crock pot recipe and ended up being very good, cooking in less time than stated on the recipe ( mine took 5 hours at medium).  Next time I make it, I will add some red pepper or peanuts. 

Tomorrow, the plan is to get a fire going early, make more calzone and work on this week's photoshop element lesson. It will be a treadmill day for the miles, but extra calories will be burned once we start our snow removal process. Better than having to worry about driving to work tomorrow!

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