Monday, February 24, 2014


Spring will be Here Soon
2/24 Photograph Predictable
Expected / Likely / Anticipated

Today's prompt came with a suggestion to divide the photo into three sections, foreground, middleground and background. I think I got it with this budding branch. We get red as our very early spring color with the hardwood buds and young branches. You can see this subtle shade in the late winter forest, just as red is a early color for Fall when we see it first in the trees in the marshes at the end of summer. I had taken some photos this morning and when I downloaded the them into the computer, thought I could do better and took more out on the side of the driveway in the late afternoon. The lighting was very different. My second choice was the photo on the bottom of this collage.

By now, I thought that picking a photo out would be easier for the daily prompt and it's always a surprise when it isn't. What I did like about today's prompt, was that it made me really look at the trees and see the evidence that spring is in the air. Maybe not in the temperatures this week, but all the trees need right now are longer days and more light. I noticed that at it was still kind of light out around 5:45 this evening on my way to yoga, another sign that we coming out of winter.

After going picking up my car at the garage today,  I bought an external flash for the camera at Hunt's Photo in Manchester, a store much smaller than the one in Melrose. My son was shocked that I actually was reading the directions for it, he thought that I should just put the batteries in it and go. But the flashes are bit more sophisticated that what I used 30 years ago. I took a couple of pictures of the cats and already I can see the difference, there is no glare from the eyes and an even color. No direct eyes in this picture to the left, but I do like the even lighting.

Today I spent more time stripping wallpaper and the painter had his helper show up which was unexpected. However, it all worked out well as we made quite a team. Initially, I thought he would do his thing and I would do mine, but he suggested that we work together. Once I saw the room that he had done with his equipment, yes, he did have the spray pump for the Diff, I was all in. We flew through the first two rooms, but got stuck in this one room where the paper came off in two layers. In the hallway, which was small, we finally hit a double layer, I should have taken a picture of the first layer which was a hideous floral with squares and names of flowers, but the horse layer underneath was just as hideous. This horse paper is also under the main hall way paper which I could see after the wall came down, but since the rest of the hallway is in good shape, that paper is staying. Tomorrow we will tackle the small kitchen and bathroom, then I will be just cleaning the walls with the Diff and after that, I think I will be done. Though if the painter wants to hire me........

And on that note, I leave you with this beautiful red petunia with the kkstay texture. It looks like the flower is just hanging in a green space.

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