Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Yummy! Birthday cake- How easy was this today?
1/14 Photograph something Yummy
Dessert / Something Sweet / Chocolate

This photo prompt couldn't have been any easier  as I had to make a birthday cake today. This is the infamous Meme Alice cake that never tastes quite as good as hers. The cake that she has even made for today's birthday boy and brought in a car to Savannah, GA from Massachusetts on our way to Florida. ( That boy is so spoiled by this cake!)
 The secret is the coffee in the  home made buttercream mocha chocolate frosting of which I made a lot of, or so I thought. There was a technical difficulty in the cakes kind of falling apart, requiring the use of frosting as a "cement". I took one of the cakes out of the pan before it was fully cooled. To hide some of the imperfections, I grated a chocolate bar on top. I will probably get some grief from that, because "Meme doesn't make it that way!"

I learned a lot about food photography today.

1. Hide your mistakes!!! No need for the world to see a lopsided cake

2. Check your background - firewood in a food shot? Lame backdrop with the napkin hanging in the back.

3. Iron the table cloth if you are going to take a picture from above!

I am sure that all the imperfections will be forgotten once we cut the cake. Time now to get the bacon covered meatloaf out of the oven for the birthday dinner! Glad I hiked 3 miles today on icy trails in the wood, going to need those exercise calories!

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