Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photograph In The Air

In The Air - Looking up at leaves at NH Audubon
Photograph In The Air
Action / Look Up / Clouds

Today's prompt would have been so easy in Florida. I could have cheated and used this shot from last year, since there is definitely action in this scene. I wasn't going to get any action from the bird feeder in my front yard now that I have 4 squirrels who have taken it over. Snow balls thrown at them last week has not deterred them from being a nuisance. Even the cats are very blase about their constant presence in our front yard. 

Can you see the shadow of the squirrel in the window? Notice how the cat is just chilling.

With birds in flight as an idea for the daily photo, I went to the Audubon today to check out their feeders. I remember being there when my oldest was a cub scout, and they had a lot of birds in their courtyard. Today, there were no birds at the feeders,  but the morning was beautiful with a slight fog coming off the snow around the trees and I went for a hike on the Audubon trails. 

The trail started off nice, with hard, packed snow until I got to the pond, when the trail became very icy. If L was with me, we wouldn't have gone the whole way as I was walking over shallow, running water under ice. It wasn't a long distance, and I was so glad to have my YakTrax on to prevent me from slipping. They clip on right over the sole of my boots and I have been able to enjoy the crappy, icy snow on the trails.  The rain has melted our snow down to crusty, ice on the trails.

I took the picture for the day near the beginning of the hike when there wasn't a cloud in the sky. No movement today for me in my up in the air shots. On the 2.45 mile hike, there wasn't a single bird either for me to catch in flight. It was a good walk and I am sure that I will be back there again for other daily Captureyour365 photo prompts. Wouldn't this be a great shot for One as a prompt?

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