Monday, January 13, 2014

Encouraging Word

Joy! I still have some Christmas decorations up 
1/13 Photograph an Encouraging Word
One little word / Written / In Print

Among my decorations this year, I used my Mother-in-law's cross stitched ornaments and decorations. Each Christmas, her niece would make her a cross stitched ornament or decoration. This year, I used more of her decorations, she would be happy to know that the ornaments she loved, we still enjoy. 

Joy was not the word to describe my husband's mood when he discovered that I broke both the vacuum cleaner and the wood stove fan while cleaning. Dinner helped as we had one of our Christmas bargain prime roasts tonight and he was able to fix the fan afterwards. Not an easy job, but done. Have to wonder why a wood stove fan would use plastic fans when an ember can get caught in and burn.  It was just one of those days where nothing went as planned, beside the stove and vacuum, my ipad would not work and I had to go online to find out how to restore the whole thing. That was an hour lost that I was not counting on. 

My other mistake today was spending time on the wrong word. I thought the photo prompt was just a word and I was working on a picture of my son's school project from when he was in 5th grade. This is still hanging on his door as he turns 23 tomorrow. Lot of changes in that time, Oreo is dead, and I think they played with the baseball. Twenty three years ago, we had one son, a lot of snow and had no idea that two children could be so different from each other. Seems like only yesterday. Happy Birthday to Scott!

And here is a rare picture of two cats that are never together. Notice which cat is looking down, usually he is the one who is the aggressor.

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