Sunday, January 05, 2014

With a Fork

Today's photo prompt was "With a Fork" and I just went the food route with taking pictures today without an emphasis on a fork. Breakfast was late because I got to sleep while my husband went skiing with L up at Loon. Good for them as the temperature when they started out was zero.

The photo process started with breakfast. I started by taking pictures of blueberries, but they just looked like gross purple clumps.
I put my bowl of oatmeal with my artfully placed yogurt, blueberries and flax seed on the dining room table to get the light to avoid using the flash. My normal daily breakfast looks less appetizing as I usually thaw the blueberries in the bowl, put the cooked oatmeal on it and then the yogurt and flax seed and mix it all together. By the way, this breakfast is my go to meal every day and it's only 266 calories! Very filling.

This looks like a prison meal behind bars!
Finally, I got a shot that I liked, but the cup was dark and I had to process the photo in it's RAW format  to adjust the contrast, shadows and colors.
This is the jpeg version- no editing
WITH A FORK 1/5 My morning breakfast 
Edited with Photoshop elements 10

Even though I ended up with a breakfast photo for Captureyour365, my picture taking did not end there. Today I made lasagna with homemade pasta and meat sauce, plus bread in the bread machine.

First I had to make the dough in the mixer and get the texture just right.

Then it had to sit for at least 20 minutes, so this is when I dragged my husband out for a hike on the snowmobile trails with our YakTrax on for an hour hike. When I came back, it was time to make the noodles and figure out whether to boil the noodles before I made the lasagna or just use them raw. There was a lot of web searching going on and finally I found a website where I could use the entire recipe and process to make the lasagna: Mother Thyme Blog, with the only change being that I used a pasta machine to roll out the noodles. I ended up not boiling the noodles after letting them dry and dinner was a success!
Not pretty, but tasty.

Used ground beef/pork mix for the meat sauce

Before baking.

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