Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Little Bit

                                                                                        A little bit cold again today, woke up to -14 and by the time we went out snow shoeing, it was 20 degrees. Downright balmy, and took a rest at the beach out back by the beaver pond.

No really, I was posing for the Captureyour365 shot of the day.

I thought first of using a shadow shot, but the the fanny pack makes me look huge and I didn't like the photo.

Just the iphone for a photo today, I didn't want to take the DSLR out in the woods with me since my husband and friend L were into "bush-whacking". We were walking through brush and I know that I am going to have a mark on my face tomorrow.
We got snowshoes today and wrestled with the back binding, but by the end of our hike, I think we have it figured out. What a beautiful walk we had and I am tempted to go out and cross country ski on the snow mobile trails tomorrow.

I did use the dslr at home, and the details and colors are great. This is the shot of the snowshoes that I took at home, but I like the idea of the pond in the background.

A LITTLE BIT 1/4 - My winter beach shot
Close your eyes, feel the sun, listen to the waves, smell the sunscreen, now wake up and face the cold reality of January in New England!

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