Monday, January 06, 2014


Today's prompt for Captureyour365 was Unique with the suggestion of taking the picture with a macro lens. A macro lens is lens where you can get a close up shot of something small making it look large while showing a lot of detail. Like the dragonfly on the flower to the left, with the background blurred.  This is a prompt that will come up during the year and on any other day but today, I could have taken a picture outside.

It was pouring today on top of all our beautiful snow, making walking outside treacherous. No good outside pictures, although I did try by taking out a window on the back porch. I was not happy with shots. The drop of water coming off the ice is cool, but the roof was in the way and the branch was just boring.

After a morning of housework, the rain was not letting up and the driveway was even worse. There was no more ice on the trees, the temperature was now over 40 degrees, bringing the camera outside was just not going to happen today.

Looking around the house, I found two of the cats sleeping together in front of a window and decided on taking a picture of one of the cats. I chose Muffin, because she is the one cat that no one ever sees when they come to out house. She is a rescue cat who does not like to be picked up and only wants to be patted a certain way, when strangers come over, she hides out in the basement. But she has a weird relationship with our friendliest cat where she cleans and sleeps with him. She has unique coloring and I do like this picture of her.


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