Friday, January 03, 2014

Wintersports Photos

Hey Baby it's cold outside and I needed to capture a shot for the prompt of winter sports today. When I left the house at 2 pm, it was 5 degrees and I had my ski clothes on in layers. I met up with L for some show shoeing in the town woods to get in my miles for the day. Starting out, I was worried about not being dressed warm enough since I didn't have a neck warmer on. Within 20 minutes, I had the hood off, hat untied and coat unzipped a bit. Walking 3.12 miles burned 348 calories, snow shoeing the same time is 562 miles and I can believe it based on being very warm when we were done.
Sporting the cool fanny pack.

Before leaving the house, I looked up the recommendations for taking pictures in the cold and the big problem is battery drain along with condensation from going cold to warm.
I had a plastic bag ready to put my camera in when I came home and everything seemed to be fine. Although in this shot, I think that I had some condensation on the lens from the lens cover falling the snow.

The photo that I selected for Captureyour365 is:

WINTER SPORTS: 1/3 Late afternoon snowshoeing in town woods
I chose this shot because of the shadows of the trees and it looks like L is heading into deep woods. It was a beautiful day and I had fun breaking trails. Quite a work out! I really liked the first shot on this post, but since the project will be about journaling my life I thought that this photo was better. 

And because the camera was handy, I took some pictures of birds in the yard. My goal is to get the elusive cardinal!

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