Thursday, January 02, 2014

Celebrate and Goals

Taken with iphone
The first two photo prompts for Captureyour365 was Celebrate and Goals. Initially I had a shot of the New Year's eve fireworks that I enjoyed, but wanted the shot to be more personal to fit in with the two goals that I have set for myself with this challenge. I would like this project to be a daily journal of my life and to improve my photography skills. I am fortunate to have a good friend T who I get to go out on photo jaunts with around our area. I have learned so much from her already and look forward to more photo adventures this year.

Yesterday we enjoyed a walk in the woods with our friends in the community forest by their home. (Or as my husband used to say, over the GD hill on the other side of town) It was cold, but not crazy cold where your nose hairs freeze and fingertips freeze in mittens. Wearing my new yaktrax, I was ready to walk on anything out in the woods and not be afraid of slipping. My camera was safe in the 30 year old ll bean fanny pack which I got ragged on by my friend as fanny packs just aren't cool anymore. We set out for our ~3 mile walk through the woods where the local snowmobile club maintains trails.  With the packed snow, my friend L has been bringing her sled and I enjoyed a ride last week, but yesterday it was my husband who got to enjoy the ride. I chose this photo for the contrasts of the colors and because I think it's great that my husband would get on the sled (more than once) to enjoy the hills.

CELEBRATE: 1/1 A new year, beautiful day and good health.

 The prompt for 1/2 is Goals and I took a picture while on the treadmill. Last year at this time, I was overweight and with the help of, and my good friend R, I have lost 18 pounds. Most of the weight came off in the first 6 months, and even though I want to lose another 15, I knew that I needed to exercise more. Starting this past October, I have been setting distance goals for myself on Myfitness pal in a Move your A@@ challenge and those goals have been met for 2/3 months. (In December, I had a sore foot for some unknown reason which is okay now, but set me back on my walking). What I like best about setting distance challenges is the social aspect of walking with my husband, friends and neighbors. While in Florida, I even got my aunt hooked up with MFP and Runkeeper, she curses me, but is enjoying the weight loss and activity. I chose this picture because I still have a tan from Florida, no, seriously, because I got to use my 50mm prime lens and I like the sharpness.

Goals: 1/2 Walk/run/snowshoe/cross country ski 75 miles during the month of January

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