Friday, January 10, 2014


1/10 Today's photo inspiration: Photograph a Doorway
Your front door/ A door you use/ A place you visit

Oops, unintentional photo-bombing. If I was going to try for a picture of myself, I would not be wearing workout clothes, jacket on head and my shirt tucked up. The next picture is better, but I thought this was a fun choice especially since I am doing this as a daily journal. 

The wreath on the door is over 40 years old and belonged to my Grandmother. I love how it contrasts with the green of the door through the snow.

After seeing that I got caught in the reflection, I went ahead and took another shot without me. However, I liked the one of me best, this is a daily journal and it's a good shot of what I look like in the morning. The shot without me is just boring. This project has helped me to develop a critical eye and I am not saving pictures to files that are not good.

Today was a great exercise day as I walked and ran on the treadmill while getting caught up on Parenthood on my ipad. Watching tv makes the time on the treadmill go faster since this is such a boring way to exercise. Then in the afternoon, I went for a hike through the woods with L which I could only do with the Yaktrax since there is now a layer of ice beneath the 2 inches of snow that we got today. As of today, I have 24 miles done with another 51 to go to reach my goal of 75 miles for the month. Unfortunately we have more rain in the forecast for the weekend.

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