Wednesday, January 08, 2014



The golden hour in photography is the hour after sunrise and before sunset. This past year I learned that there is also a blue hour, twilight time before sunrise and after the sun sets. Today's prompt was blue and if we couldn't catch the blue hour light, then we could photograph something blue. When I read the prompt, I tried to think of a city scene to catch the blue light, but then thought of the town pond. We don't have a city scene here so I thought that the ice of the pond would reflect the sky. Two factors changed the picture that I had in my mind; sky was clear, no clouds for more color striations and the pond had a lot of snow mobile tracks.
 I could have gone easy and just do the moon with branches, but that would have been lame. The lenses that I have can not catch the detail in the moon. On the gallery for today, someone has an awesome shot where you can see the craters.

My second choice for today's blue picture was this shot, too much trees, not enough blue.

This is the spot where I took one of my first really good photos:

How sad it is in the winter time?

Tomorrow evening there is a chance of us being able to see the Northern Lights. We are going to take a ride in the evening back to the town pond to see if we can catch a glimpse. 

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