Sunday, January 26, 2014


Vivid Grocery Store Floral Bouquet
1/26 Photograph Vivid
Bright / Intense / Colorful

Today's picture is all because of a missing chicken. If the chicken that I had paid for had made it home from the store on Friday, then there would not have been a trip made back to the grocery store. It appears that this sometimes happens when the bagger puts it to the side while bagging. I didn't realize it until last evening, a day after my shopping when I went to check the weight of the chicken for dinner today. I can come up with two good reasons why it took a day, it was so freaking cold on Friday that I threw my groceries in the car to get out of the cold and once home, I had help with the unpacking. If it wasn't for the chicken, then I would have been stuck with a picture of all my outerwear that I am too lazy to put back in the drawers. I think they are colorful, but not as vivid or intense as the flowers. 

Original Iphone photo
In the prompt, we were encouraged to use the camera we had which was the Iphone. While in the grocery store, I surreptitiously slipped it out of my pocket and took the picture from waist high. At home, I used my Colorsplash app on the Iphone to take out some of the color from the picture. Both the original and edited picture were then emailed and downloaded on my computer. I then watched a video from the Adobe Photoshop Elements techniques website to learn how to do the fancy border. 

Where did I find the time for this today? After making the salad for the week, cutting up vegetables for snacking and putting the roast chicken in the oven, I decided it was too cold to go outside and skipping my exercise for the day. That's where I found the time! My husband and L enjoyed their skiing at Loon while I was content playing on the computer with a fire going in the stove. 

This is the progression of the editing to end up with my photo for the day.

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