Monday, January 27, 2014


Gate on farm in Hopkinton
1/27 Photograph Secure
Capture / Self Confident / Locked

After taking this photo, I had to make a quick jump into the passenger side of my van which was not so quick with a sore hip! The barking dogs at the nearby farms became the menacing dog coming up to me in the road. I was not trespassing and was on a public road, was just glad to get out without a bite. 
The photo for today's prompt was one of many that I took today on my way to and from T's since I got to be out on backroads where there were farms and wild life.  Not so sure how the gate works with all the saplings and brush growing in front of it.

Today over at T's we taught each other new techniques in photoshop and I learned how to highlight the center of a photo which I did in both of these photos this evening. After I worked on the photo above, I realized that I actually like this one better to the right better. I also played with using already made frames with the same picture, now that I know how to use clipping masks. I would like to be able to change the color of the frame and I am sure that I will figure it out this week. 

On the way over to T's, I got lost going the back way and TomTom had me going up somebody's driveway. Once on the road though, I had the opportunity to get some photos of wild turkeys in the road and then trying to escape from me after I had stopped. The fence was in the way and after running up and down the banking, they finally decided to fly over. They are not the most graceful flyers. The whole experience taught me to take my camera out of special modes like Macro and leave it on the Auto mode. At least I would be able to get quick shots in before being able to go into manual modes. Today, I missed some photos because of the wrong initial setting. These are the two turkey photos that came out the best. Wonder if I will ever get a turkey prompt to be able to use a photo for this project. 
Turkeys looking for an escape route.

In flight- wish I had a faster shutter speed.

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