Saturday, January 25, 2014


Caring: Father and Son posing 
1/25 Photograph Caring
Connection / Friendship / Family

Today's prompt required me to wait until the afternoon for my son to awaken after going to bed very late. It looks cold, but it was a balmy 24 degrees outside. I love this shot because of the way my husband is looking at S with a smile on his face. This was not the first shot, but one of many.
When we came inside, there was demand for modeling fees, then finger pointing at father for allowing mother to have a camera. It really can be tough to have a parent with a camera pointed at you all the time.  But as you can see, they did have fun outside. 

After the group shots, I then tried to recreate some of the photos that I took of my youngest last week. 
Even without the snow, I think I got some keepers.  

Today was a productive day for me computer wise as I backed up my Mac and then downloaded Photoshop Elements onto the PC laptop to be able to use the slideshow function for my photoshop class.  Here is a version of the slideshow without the music since I don't think it's legal for me to have a copyrighted song on my blog without the artist's permission. The version that I did for class has James Taylor's version of The River and I think viewing it small is better than large. All of the pictures on the slideshow were taken within 2 miles of our condo in Florida. It's a shame that I can't name all of them. (When viewing this blogpost on Ipad, the video does not appear) 

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