Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Return To Home for Visit with Parents
1/28 Photography Return
Revisit / Begin Again / Resume

I love when a prompt fits perfectly into my day. There is a list for the month that is posted at the beginning of the month which I look at, but don't really get into planning photos ahead of time. For January, the only one that I am aware of is horse for the last day of the month. (Horse? In January? I will have to be creative with that one.) After looking at the list a couple of times. the prompts just get filed into the brain and I forget about them. What keeps me on track is the Daily 365 Photo Inspiration email that I get first thing in the morning. Besides the prompts that I have listed under the daily photos, there are suggestions for interpreting and photography techniques to work on for the day. Today's prompt suggestion was to "give yourself the freedom and flexibility to have fun with your project." 

A planned overnight visit with my parent's was the perfect opportunity to take some portraits of my parents. I only had to ask once if they would pose and my father already had the pose picked out. With a tendency to blink, I tried the 1-2-3 trick where I asked them to close their eyes and on three to open as I took the picture. It worked most of the time. For processing in photoshop elements, I highlighted them by making a selection and putting them in a separate layer. 

One of the best things about coming home is having my mother cook for me. I was asked to pick up some string beans and beer for my visit here. But I just thought that was a weird thing to bring through the check out and picked up some cauliflower. I wasn't planning on having it tonight, but bought if for them to have some variety. We ended up having it tonight fried, the bunch was gone and I would eat that any time over potatoes or rice. I love how my Dad says after every meal, "You know what you pay for this in a restaurant?" Seriously, scallops, fresh string beans, cauliflower and homemade lemon cake, I am sure it would be more for one dish than what the whole meal cost us to make. I don't even want to document the calories for the day!!

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