Thursday, January 23, 2014


 Chickadee enjoying the protection of our old Christmas tree
1/23 Photograph Umbrellas
Protection / Oversight / Undercover

Umbrellas in January is a creative shot for NH and I didn't take out an umbrella in the snow picture.   I did think about going for a walk in the woods and getting a picture of my friend under a canopy of evergreen branches, but it was too cold. My walking isn't back to normal after my fall on Monday and I just wanted to stay indoors. No umbrella, so I went with the protection theme. 

The view through our glass front door was perfect to catch some shots of the few birds who use the protection of our discarded Christmas tree to eat their seeds. Some birds like feeders, while others like to take their seeds to eat them in bushes or under shrubs. The tree and the birds provide entertainment for the cats.  Our large feeder gets emptied quickly by the squirrels which means we don't get as many birds as we used to. We used to have a cardinal that lived in our woods behind the house, but with everyone feeding birds, I think they have found better food. But we enjoy the Juncos and Chickadees along with the Woodpeckers who visit. 
1/3 Woodpecker

Chickadee in flight, would have been a great shot if I had the headshot.

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