Friday, January 24, 2014


Outside- Front Yard Cone Flower Shadows
1/24 Photograph Fresh Air
Scented / Clean / Outside

Today was cold, way too cold to be outside for very long taking pictures. When I went out at 10 AM to go food shopping, I brought along my camera with the intent of riding around the farm areas, ponds, parks and outside skating areas to find a good outside photo. There was nothing to catch my eye and I only got out at the community college to get some snowy field photos. 

I thought that a lone skater on pond would be a good subject for today, but was out of luck. There is a black ice pond hockey tournament going on so the big pond was full of adult hockey players. Our own town pond was very windy and there were no ice skaters.  After grocery shopping, I ended up taking a couple of pictures around the yard where my fingers were freezing cold by the time I was done. The photo that I ended up using came from my front yard and it is the same coneflower plant from last week. I like this comment on the photo that I got on the 365 website where the photos are uploaded, "This picture makes me think of life and death, so-to-speak. We see the dead looking plant but the shadows make me think of life, growing. It's interesting!"

In today's prompt, we were asked to think about negative space in the composition. It's the space in your photo that provides calmness and leads your eye to the main object. I googled negative space and watched a video to see negative space through a photographer's eye. After watching the video, I realized that this is something that I do already. 
A good example would be this photo from last summer. Isn't it nice to something with color and looking warm? A lot of the photos on today's gallery have the snow or others are taking their outside photos from inside to avoid being out in the cold. The cold is beginning to get to me now, I just can't seem to get warm. However, I finally got outside to get my exercise in and dressed in multiple layers for an invigorating walk through the woods. 

I will be ready for winter to be over in 2 more months, will be nice to see flowers in my garden.

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