Wednesday, January 22, 2014


888- A picture taken 3 years ago in Nova Scotia
1/22 Photograph the Number 8
An Address / Written / On Car

Today I went back into my Iphoto files to get the perfect 8 picture for the prompt. It wasn't just a simple upload since I used some photoshop editing skills that I learned last night watching my online lesson this week.  Selection tools were used to make the shingles and door frame look neater while also removing the fire barrel and stick. I tried to add some more definition to the sky, but chickened out of replacing the sky. It will be a good picture to use for my on-line photoshop class for this week's assignment. Can you see the differences in the before and after pictures?  
8 minutes left for Banana Bread

8 written in ice 
I tried to take some 8 pictures today and did not like the choices. I was glad to have something in the files for the prompt today.  There was no creativity for any other 8 ideas. I had already missed the thermometer change from 0 to 11 degrees to get a picture of 8.

By the time I got ready to write the blog this evening, other creatures in the house had taken all the space on the couch. It's been so cold outside, that we all gravitate to the couch closest to the wood stove. My son did offer to get up, the cats made no such offer, they got the message quickly when I shooed them off. 

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