Saturday, January 18, 2014


 Nobby: Tree trunk in the White Mountain National forest
1/17 Photography Nobby
Gnarled / Lumpy / Rough

A day behind in blogging because yesterday was a busy day for me! Yoga in the morning, then meeting friends for a ride up to Franconia Notch to hike the Flume, take a ride to Lincoln to check out the Ice Castle and then a night out with the ladies up in New London. I barely had time to upload the day's photo for the 365 Challenge.

The prompt today was an easy one for me to get a picture, the difficulty came in picking the best one.

The choices ranged from tree trunks, rocks, moss and water. My final pick was done quickly and after really looking at my pictures from yesterday, might not have been the best "nobby" picture. There were so many natural textures to choose from!

The Flume Gorge is a beautiful park in the northern part of the state with bridges and walkways along a natural gorge at the base of Mt. Liberty. The hike was 2 miles and with ice under the snow, it helped that we had snow shoes and yaktrax on our boots. The weather started out overcast in the Notch and then we got beautiful blue skies.

T and I spent a lot of time clicking away while D and the kids kept hiking and checking out all the cool ice formations, trees growing out of rocks and lichen/moss designs. It was a relaxing hike, about 2.5 miles when it was all done.

Another group of hikers was heading up the trail and we switched off cameras to get a group shot.
After our hike, we had our lunch at the Cannon Tram station where our British guess got to see pictures of the Old Man of the Mountain who no longer reigns over the Notch. The old man only exists now on road signs and coins in NH.

On our way home, we stopped in Lincoln to see the Ice Castle that was built at Loon. We had wanted to get some pictures of the castle at dusk, but we were too cheap to each spend $10 to walk through the man-made castle.

My favorite picture of the day? We had driven up the Kancamagus highway to the first overlook to check out the view to look for some picture opportunities. T had a beautiful photo of this tree and I tried to get the same image, not as good at T's, but with some editing, I love it.

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