Sunday, August 04, 2013

Summer Days- Being a tourist in my backyard

This summer has been great so far, even through the days of heat and weeks of rain. I think it's because I am in between jobs and not actively looking that gives me the chance to enjoy what I have. Cutting out my income has put me in the here and now versus what I want. The opportunity to go out with friends to enjoy what New England has to offer has been great.

This past week, I finally went and visited the Shaker Village in Canterbury, it was very interesting. I would like to get back and go inside all the buildings next time since this past visit we all brought our cameras and could only take pictures outdoors. Unfortunately for the Shakers, they are celibate which didn't help to increase their size. The location for this village is beautiful set among the hills of Canterbury. At least the remaining few of the community had the foresight to preserve some of the buildings in this village to create a museum. Well worth a visit while in New Hampshire.

The Shakers were industrious and as far as I can tell, were the first inventors of the Lean Process used in business today. The business industry can try to claim that the Japanese invented Lean, but after taking the tour of the Shaker laundry where every item had a code for building, room, and location within the room where the item belonged, it's obvious that the Shaker's had the work process figured out. If you are going to dig ponds, as they did for their village, don't you think you would do it the fastest, easiest way that you could?

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