Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekly Goal - Cook Something New

Drunk Chicken

My weekly goal is to cook something new each week to get out of the rut we are in. I finally succumbed to the drunken chicken on the grill, unfortunately my chicken got very drunk and kept tipping over. I used Sam's Summer ale, lots of garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, fresh thyme in the can with the beer and more garlic. The cooking time was 1.5 hours and it could have been shortened by 15 minutes. Would I cook another chicken this way? Absolutely, especially since I got a larger chicken than we would have gotten if we had bought our regular rotisserie chicken and even better it was a manager special, $3 off. Now that I am not working, I need to look for those bargains and I scored more than just this chicken at the store today. There were also packages of chicken breasts with bone in and boneless breasts that were discounted. 

One of the benefits to not working is that I know have the time to shop for sales and to cook good, healthy meals. Now this chicken was delicious, looked and smelled great. The blueberry tarts that I cooked after dinner were tasty, but looked awful. As a friend said, rustic. I used boxed pastry sheets and they were sticky, so I just rolled them out to crooked squares that ended up being crooked turnovers. I have never had the patience to work with pastry dough. There are 24 cups of freshly, picked blueberries to practice with in the freezer and I have time. 

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