Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lazy, Very Lazy Days of Summer

Leaving work at the beginning of the summer was a good idea. I have had a lot of time to catch up with some of what needs to be done here at home. The basement storage still awaits, but at least I made it into my boys' rooms. And reading, I am finally back to reading again. NO regrets at all making the decision to resign. I do miss my income, however, daily, I am relieved that my only big worry is whether it's going to be sunny enough to hang out the laundry. I realize how lucky I am to have a supportive husband and that we can manage with what we have, not what we want. Sure, my golf handicap would drop if I could afford to golf more than once a week, but I am saving those tee times for Florida.

Two weekends ago, my husband decided that we should go on a hike. His thought was that we could get exercise without incurring any costs. On a hot and muggy Sunday, we ventured up Mt. Sunapee in search of Lake Solitude. We learned an important lesson, follow directions! Instead of finding the hiking trail, we ended up walking straight up the mountain on ski trails. It was brutally hot, and I took many, many rest breaks. I was determined to reach the top and once there, we found the hiking trail to Lake Solitude over the ridge and it was worth it. The trail down was long and I realized that my running sneakers as comfortable as they are for walking, do not cut it for hikes. After that six mile hike, I put in another 10 miles of walking for the week.

What have I done this week? Besides cleaning, not much. No walks, just two days spent browsing in Portsmouth and stupid games on the ipad, curses CandyCrush!! Next week I will get more active as we will have my oldest son visiting from California with his girlfriend.

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  1. Happy Retirement! I too am spending way to much time on CandyCrush, but I'm determined to finish this year!


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