Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Can I sign up for this?

This past weekend we went up to Maine to hang out with my Aunt at her cottage on Long Lake. She is 82 years old and it is amazing how young she looks and acts. Her secret to staying healthy is to stay busy by either shopping-looking for bargains at flea markets, knitting- took it up with a passion when she quit smoking over 20 years ago and makes baby sweaters, gardening- she has flowers all over her yard and many of them she takes in over the winter and starts them back up for the spring, reading - this is where I get my paperbacks from, between her and my mom who read just as much as me, trade back and forth and then to me, watching all kinds of movies on VCR and DVDs that she picks up for cheap and raking- every year she rakes and maintains her huge yard in Maine. When we come up to Maine, it's a break for her to come out on the water with us. It's boggy around the dock, but if you're floating on floats, who cares? But what does she really enjoy? Card games! We played SCAT, Kings in the Middle, SkipBo and then taught her Texas Holdem, it's scary how much she likes winning, but then we always knew that about that side of the family.
The only problem with going up to visit, is the scale when I get home. My aunt also enjoys good food and the proverbial sweet after dinner. But seriously, when you read articles about depression as one of the causes for dementia, I look at my aunt and think, that won't be her route, she's enjoying her life and retirement as everyone should. I want to sign up for that!

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  1. Don't we ALL! Hooray for your aunt, who knows the secret of longevity ... it's about staying interested in life, don't you think? I doubt, my friend, that you will have a problem with that :-)


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