Saturday, June 26, 2010

179 Books in 2 years

Today, I updated my account with the two books that I read since yesterday (Jennymcb there also if you want to check out my list). One was a quick romance by Kristan Higgins and the other was a contemporary novel by Louise Shaffer called Serendipity. ( One Gal- I think you would like the last one, good book about mothers/daughters and show business). As I was adding the books, I thought I would see how many books I had on the list and was surprised to see that I had started listing the books on June 26, two years ago today.

In the past, I used to be very good about highlighting some of the books that I have read, but with that many, I guess I got lazy quickly. Most were chicklit books. What can I say? I like to be entertained! If I enjoy an author, I try to read as many as I can, thank you Luanne Rice, Kristin Higgins, Meg Cabot, Chris Bohjalian and Richard Russo for keeping me so entertained. I even have a bomb or two in the list, like Eat, Pray, Love- a book which women either love or hate. Me? I hated it, wanted to slap the author and give her a reality check, but hey, she's the one raking in the dough for her whiny angst.

What's not on my list? Twilight....even though everyone in the lab has read it and my friendly librarian thinks I would enjoy it. I just don't want to hear about it from my son still living at home. My feeling is that I have already read Anne Rice's vampire books, why muddy that experience with teenage emotions? ( I can only hope that she is benefiting from the vampire craze since her books are well written)

The best way to read books you love is to share your books with others and to hang out at your library. The greatest asset in my whole little town is our library and if I were ever to win the lottery, they would get some of my money. The librarians are knowledgeable and friendly to the point where they will tell me that they read a book and thought of me. Right now reading is an obsession for me and they are feeding the beast. Five books in my bag to read and five books on reserve at the library. Bring it on, life doesn't get much better. Read any good books lately?

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  1. I'm with you on Twilight. If it gets young-uns to read, terrific. But I'm simply not intereted.

    Meg Cabot is an author I keep meaning to try -- thanks for the endorsement. And I've heard the same things about Eat, Pray, Love you have.

    Gawd, I love talking books. Maybe I'll head on over to Library.thing.


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