Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cats? Really? People like Cat blogs?

I have recently been informed by my #2 son that people like to see pictures of cats on blogs. (Honestly? I think he just misses our Pain in the neck sweet cats). He is down in Georgia for the summer where we thought he would be able to find a job compared to the poor job market up here for teenagers. Which I guess is true, considering that he did get a job this week versus bub's girlfriend who can't find a single job here. (It's bad all over). So he is down in Savannah living it up on a student budget with a new job starting tomorrow. Yea, no more nagging gentle reminders from Mom. Out of all my boys, I worry least about him cooking for himself, as a toddler that's how I could get him home by promising to cook with him.
So here is a picture of our cats, the prettiest and dumbest, Stashio, is front and center, but he is pretty. All that fur is pretty hot right now. #2's favorite, Mini, is up top, stretched out in her new spot on the porch, she has claimed that rug and holds her own against the others (who hate her b/c she's cute, yea, whatever). Middle pictures are the two oldest cats, Fatticus Punky rump to rump with Muffin, our SPCA special kitty. No, don't reach down to pat her since she hates that and will run off. Only likes to be patted while walking along the couch as you try to watch tv or read a book. There's Punk again with our model kitty, Stash, Punk thinks he's the boss, but just because he's large doesn't make him authoritative, the others are just afraid of being squashed. Right now, as I write this, he has discovered that the bricks are a cool place to lie down on while we try to cool off the house during our heat wave.
There's my obligatory cat post for the year, same cast of characters, just larger.

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