Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Was it only yesterday?

Was it only yesterday that I was herding three little boys through summertime activities?  Wasn't it just last week I was signing them up for soccer, lacrosse and summer rec camps? The days of gathering their stuff to take out to our camper, sifting through piles of pokemon cards and shaking sand out of sneakers while keeping pitchers full of kool aid are long gone. They are now replaced with apartment leases, kitchen supplies, tuned up car for cross country trips and me nagging them about jobs. ( 1/3 has a job and he's the one still in high school, lucky guy, the nagging has stopped for him)
Yesterday my oldest flew the coop after a month spent at home where he "watched" his younger brother (17) while we went to Savannah to set up middle guy in an apartment. During his month home, he planned his trip out to California in between getting us all caught up in world cup soccer and playing far too many video games with his brother.  He is now off on his after-college dream where he will live in LA and attend improv classes to see if he's got what it takes. ( To chronicle his adventures, he has set up a blog: Improv Coast to Coast ) It is strange to have him here with us for awhile and then off again for who knows when (if ever). The going away is hard, yet I know that it is important that all of my kids challenge themselves while making sure they can finance their dream. This guy worked very hard in college, both academically and working full-time all three summers, he's ready and willing. Now I am just a watcher, not the organizer and you know what? It's not a bad gig! Check out his blog and throw in your two cents or so if you have any travel advice. Just think, you may be able to say someday, "I knew him when....."

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  1. Glad to see you're comfortable with your transition from "planner" to "watcher." Enjoy being the woman who brought these handsome young men this far.


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