Friday, March 12, 2010

Today they'll be home!

The 'big' boys are coming home today for break and the little guy is acting like he's put out. But like my husband and I, he is secretly happy. It's nice to be all together even through the tension of college maleness invading the house. There's goes quiet nights and semi-clean kitchens. Time to head out and stock up for the next few days. Meatloaf for supper tonight, they love it, and I hate cooking it. Always a mystery on whether it's done!

4pm update- #2 is delayed in Philadelhiahell as we call it here. Seems we never get through there easily.

This picture is from 1999, Janey can you tell where we were?


  1. Enjoy your time with sons. . . when they have their own families, they don't "come home" as often!

  2. Is that testosterone I smell?


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