Monday, March 15, 2010

What I don't Miss

All kidding aside about my grown up boys, but I don't miss bringing little kids into a store. There were a few toddlers missing their naps at TJ Maxx this afternoon. I was getting ready to cry myself!
Now when they're with me shopping, it's like shopping with a conscience that speaks..."You don't need that!" Should have had that voice with me today when I bought a case for my Iphone that I need to return, not protective enough.(But it was white so I could find it in my pocket book)


  1. Maybe when you return it, the children will all be taking naps at home. Ü

  2. Listening to the babies cry is a good way to count my blessings! I hated shopping with 7 year olds worse ... "I want that! Gimmegimmegimme."


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