Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Losing Weight- Let's Just Bring it to the table

Do you remember your grandparents on diets? Not mine, they led a pretty physical life and did not have the processed foods that we have. (Seriously, how could a family of six in the depression supersize anything? My Dad weighed less than 140 lbs at 6'4" when he was 18 and Mom had a figure that was svelte with normal hourglass shape) Hourglass- know any models who have hourglass shapes? More like board shapes....Okay, shake of head, back to the topic at hand. Why are we so aware of our weight now? I fortunately inherited the height from my Dad's side, but the hips from my Mom's (somehow, the chest fairy also skipped me), but it seems to me that for 35 years, I have been concerned about my weight and watching what I eat. Things got very large about 5 years ago when I taught, my body did not adjust well to the lack of physical work that lab work can entail. Weight Watchers 2 years ago, proved to me that I can do it and will lose it again.

But why the weight obsession now? It's more than genetics, it's the food that we eat. I really think I have gotten hooked on the diet soda and processed food to the point where my body just sucks it in and doesn't work well to metabolize calories. And we don't even do processed foods big in our house, no Kraft macn'cheese here, no hamburger helper, but we do (did) soda. With a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease, our family has to make a change. This time, this year, I am on another diet weight loss journey, with a difference. NO only fat free, lo-fat items only, but I am going to make the conscious effort to read labels, watch the sodium, high fructose syrups and trans fats. Going to go back to the past and eat smaller, better meals, and yes, Shelly, some of those meals may include bacon, but just not the four slices.

Leg injury update ~ went to the doctor today who wants me to see an Orthopedic to make sure that I didn't rip a tendon. It's still sore and little old ladies were walking faster than me at the bank yesterday. Today was better, still short steps and the walk from the parking lot was long!


  1. Wise thinking! I walk so much, you would think I would be in perfect shape but I am not. I guess I will start being a little more concerned about how I eat too.

    Prayers coming for your injury so you will be able to do ""the walk.""

  2. Glad to hear you're on the mend! Your post ended like a paraphrase of that old saying, "My parking lot is so long and my steps are so small."

    Like you, I am battling weight again this year. And like you, I'm hooked on processed foods. Why can't I love baby carrots as much as potato chips? It's not fair.


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