Sunday, January 31, 2010

Must be the week for stupid - running injury

I started another Couch to 5 K with an application for my iphone. It was my third time in a week working out on the treadmill and yesterday I pulled/strained a calf muscle big time. How big? Can barely go upstairs without flat flooting it each step and after doing what I needed to do, based on the internet: RICE, rest, ice, compression and elevation, I still woke up with a swollen ankle and foot. With deliberate walking, I can get around, but I am going to give the doctor a call tomorrow to get some physical therapy. I really want to be able to run in a 5-K in May for our hospital's cancer center with our lab team.
What did I do wrong? Maybe it was exercising before breakfast, or even though I did stretch, I didn't do enough, or I really think it was that I changed how my foot hit the treadmill. I changed from flat foot sounding like a herd to trying to be more on the front of my foot. Guess my calves weren't too happy with that change.
I don't want to say that I can't run, but that I want to be able to run. Along with using Loseit on the iphone, my goal this year is to lose 20 pounds. This can be done and I will do it, after I get this calf back to normal.
Stupid injury.......


  1. lol I think you have spam in the above comment. . . You can delete them.

  2. I hope you heal fast and best of everything for your preparations for the run.

  3. Ouch! Get better quickly. You know what did it, don't you? Deciding you had a goal of getting fit. If I decide, "Yeah I'm gonna exercise next week," it's a sure bet that I will come down with the flu or get a hernia! I think I have lose it on my iPhone. We may have to be buddies on it, or something? Except, I just look at mine. :-)

  4. Stay with it! Don't let this set back ... um ... set you back. What you're aiming to do is good for both body and spirit (not to mention the hospital's cancer center).

    You're right! It can be done!

    Who knew I was such a cheerleader?


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