Monday, January 25, 2010

Wasted Work, But Calories Burned

Boy, do I feel silly and somewhat sore from a dumb activity. Today we got hit with temperatures close to 5o and rain on top of a driveway that wasn't quite cleared from the last storm which created an ice rink this morning. I went out at 1130 am and burned about 300 calories chipping and shoveling ice to make channels for the water to go down to the street. About 2/3 of the driveway got done and I got called into work at 1 pm. When I called home later to ask my son to finish the driveway, he said that it didn't need it. Tonight at 930 pm when I came home, the driveway was down to bare pavement...guess I should have let Mother Nature do the work. I would have stayed dry if I had just hopped on the treadmill as planned. Silly me......


  1. Kinda like when we had our ONE day of snow and I shoveled the sidewalks all around the building and then a couple hours later, the housing people came by and went over my work. sigh

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