Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 Gifts That I hope won't be under the Tree for Me

In case anybody from my family just might read my blog....(which I know they don't), here are five gifts that if given to me, might end up with me giving Oscar award performances of gratitude. ( Please don't take this seriously, I'm really not that spiteful)

1. A snugli, nope, not even a Red Sox, Patriots or Bruins snugli for me. I have plenty of afghans.
2. Size 22 petite jeans, I will skip over the size and just say that I am 5' 10". (I don't think my husband will goof like this again)
3. Another cat, live gifts should always be avoided, except for maybe a puppy???
4. A kitchen utensil, unless I specifically hinted for one, like a really nice compost bucket.
5. A calendar, there are enough free ones from work, the bank, the oil guy and the feed store. (And of course that one that I made for myself)

What gift would give you a reason to give an Oscar award winning performance?


  1. Strippy little sandals. I had heel spurs a few years back and simply cannot wear them.

    Or a Barry Manilow CD. Because the very sight of him makes me vomit.

  2. Copa, copacabana....such a fine musician!

    The whole girly, girl shoes, just makes my feet hurt thinking about them.

  3. I can't think of anything in particular NOW. I am just happy someone even remembered me.

    I hope to be blogging again soon IF I can get aol installed on my new computer. Using the community one now to wish you a wonderful Christmas! I hope a puppy is in your stocking!

  4. I don't exchange gifts anymore. Today feels great!

  5. Did you get the puppy?

    Back to tell you my new blogging addy:

    Postcard Memories from Paulie


Any thoughts or musings of your own to add?