Sunday, December 27, 2009

Alas No Puppy

A puppy is our family Christmas joke since any gift may possibly be a "puppy", that's the stock answer when anyone says, " I wonder what this could be?" My husband would freak if we brought another animal in the house. However, he did put 4 new fish in the fish tank and I was the only one who didn't notice for 4 days. He even set me up by asking me to feed them one afternoon, and still they went unnoticed.

We had a very nice Christmas and spent a lot of time with family and friends. The surprise gift for us was the Wii that my husband bought me. We have two sport game discs and had a lot of fun last night with friends who were visiting. There's still the slight issue of motion sickness that I have with certain games that require a lot of movement. It's amazing to me that none of kids inherited this from me. I dread boat rides and spend a lot of time at amusement parks getting my exercise from walking and my enjoyment from people watching.

Rain in New England the last week of December seems like a sin! But with the warm weather today, we were able to take down some of our outside decorations before they get covered in snow. It's a good day to just relax by the fire, watch some football and just maybe take a nap.


  1. Sorry about no puppy! Cute story tho! I hope some of that snow is going to blow west for me . . . none here yet this year. last year we had two feet of snow on the ground by Christmas and it snowed all day Christmas too.

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  4. I too believe your blog keeps getting better and better but I'm not trying to sell you software. Just come by my humble blog and pick up the award I have for you.

    And share with us about your Wii avatar! When I bowl with my nephew, I'm Bdaygrrrrl and I'm wearing Cubbie blue.

  5. I never thought of motion sickness - I have been wanting a Wii for the fitness games. I know years ago when they came out with Nintendo 64 and I tried it at the store, there was no way I could play it. Perhaps the Wii isn't for me, bummer!


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