Thursday, October 15, 2009

Girls just want to have fun

What is it that you do to have fun? My blogging buddies all are very talented. There's photographers, writers, knitters, story tellers and bakers out there who read my blog occasionally. But what is your secret fun? Mine is technology and my computer, and occasionally there's some walking that I do that because I have been told it's good for me. However, give me an addicting game and I am happy for hours. The latest addiction is Crossword puzzles on my iphone and the app has many syndicated crosswords to choose from which just keeps my husband and I busy either in the car or even in post op recovery...don't ask, but we did raise some eyebrows. If you have an iphone, I recommend Crosswords by Standalone. There's hints and it's easy to use. Wonder what my next addiction will be? I hear the Ragdoll app is fun...


  1. You have another addiction -- READING!

    I like to walk and do a lot of it if it is not raining outside. I walk in snow but not rain. I also like my computer -- just made a blog website for a friend to help students with a project. I love table games and different kinds of cards.

    But my hobbies are counted cross stitch, hairpin lace crochet and making quilts for the Veterans. I also make home made greeting cards with rubber stamping and creativity. I like to read and it goes in spurts but once I ahve a book started, I don't want to put it down.

    Of course I love photography too and I collect photo of benches and other things. Good reason to take a walk.

  2. Creativity in so many areas. I agree about the walking in the snow, but not in the rain! Walking in the snow is quieter and drier.


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