Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am just a tad bored right now, actually, it's more of a lack of motivation to finish an afghan or to read a book that is overdue. But this is what I just did for fun, on the top of my blog, there is a tab that has Next Blog written on it. I clicked on it seven times and got 6 Spanish blogs and 1 French blog. Alas, the last blog was creative on it's page design and did not have the next button. Blogging goes international and if I was really motivated I would use a translator like Shelly did once upon a time even though you might get something that's not real.

And am I the only one with a Chinese commenter? I wonder what they are saying or selling. Any ideas out there?


  1. On a Wordpress blog, those Chinese comments go straight to spam. I won't click on them. Have you ever put one of those gadgets that show the locations of your visitors? I've seen 'em a few places, but my stats program tells me enough. Looking for blogs? Go to Alltop and click on categories. I'm in "life," but they have many other sections.
    Sorry...just wrote a post in your comment section :-)

  2. Well I'm back after doing a little blog surfing myself, your right 9 out of 10 are Chinese, what's up with that?

  3. I can't use a translator because I use Safari instead of Firefox BUT one of the visitors to my blog writes hers in Norwegian and has a translator on her blog and I just choose English in on her side bar and the whole posts changes to English words.

    I have never clicked on "next" post.

    Probably the reason the NEXT blogs are all Chinese is the time of day it is. . .


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