Sunday, October 18, 2009

News? Really? What is wrong with us?

Why are we still being fed the crap out of a certain western state with people who want to be on a reality show? I won't even justify the existence of these idiots by describing the stunt, their names or the state. But given the amount of coverage that these idiots have polluted our news, don't you think our news media should be ashamed of themselves? Once it was evident that it was a hoax by Anderson Cooper, they should never have been on any further news show. And then we wonder why our kids don't know any current world events? Shame on all the news outlets, or should we just call them media entertainment outlets?


  1. I won't mention the state either, but I'll bet any money you aren't hearing half as much as I am about it!
    Saw the jerk on Wife Swap show, what a jerk!!
    The wife? what on earth is she doing with this guy?

  2. AMEN! No more need be said about it.

  3. There was an interesting discussion about this very thing on Morning Joe on MSNBC. Joe and Mika were wondering what kind of parents exploit their kids like this, and Jon Meachem of Newsweek pointed out that talking about them, even to diss them, gives oxygen to their pathological need for fame. I know that the news outlets are probably furious for being taken advantage of -- I know I feel like a sap for worrying about the kid last week -- but Meachem's right: people like this probably don't understand the difference between fame and infamy.


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