Monday, February 16, 2009

What is your Favorite Reality show?

Do you have a favorite reality show? One that you watch and think, hey, I could do that. Or one where you want to send members of your family?

Amazing Race is a show that I would love to see my husband and oldest son compete as they travel the world together. It would be pure entertainment as the methodical, map reading Dad works with the 21 year old, internet savvy, always right son argue their way across the continents. Both would be able to figure it out eventually, but it wouldn't be done quietly.

My oldest is settling into his semester in London and in the past two weekends has visited the beaches of Normady, France and Malaga, Spain. You can sense the past in his pictures of Normady and it was interesting that his comment about the beach was that he could truly understand why it was chosen for the invasion. His visit to France also made him feel like 4 years of French was worth it, versus his trip to Spain where he felt dumb.

So what reality show is it for you? Survivor where you get to play how to get along while eating gross things? Or how about one of those shows where they make you throw out your clothes and then teach you how to dress?


  1. I like Amazing Race best and I'd love to do it with my husband but of course it's not available to Canadians, maybe one day!

  2. I am not much of a fan of "reality" television (or tv in general, for that matter). I'm thinking if one is going to travel the don't want to "race" through it. Sounds like your young 'un is getting the experience of a lifetime!

  3. Not sure what a reality show is other than those mentioned and I don't watch. I have watched Biggest Loser -- is tht one? Or The Nanny or Wife Swap just for the he ll of it. Do they call thsoe reality shows? Mostly what I watch on TV is HOUSE and Home makeover.

  4. I am obsessed by American Idol, but part of the attraction is that I'm tone deaf and KNOW I could never do that!

    Loved hearing about your son's trip to Normandy. (And I'm glad he doesn't regret his French classes.)


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