Monday, February 09, 2009

Some Weeks are Just meant to be Endured

Ravelry WTF Swap.JPG
Last Monday I received my swap package from Knitaddiction for the WTF swap in Ravelry. The tea has helped my diet immensely and check out those cookie cutters. They will help to make some monster cookies. The package was the highlight of the week. WTF standing for Winter of Trading Favorites, but given the rest of my week, WTF works.
Compared to others, my week was just a time of inconveniences, nothing major, just annoying. For example, having my oldest son's visa card become blocked without notice. That would be the son in England who was planning a weekend in France and this is his only source of money. Thanks to the kind people at the credit union, we were able to unlock his account for a few hours so he could get some cash. There was a security breach with a company that processes the cards.

Then later in the mail we got my second son's passport and did you know that I have a 38 year old son? Well according to the US Government, that's how old he is. Now that passport has to go back for a fix. Friday, we capped the week off with a slight fender bender thanks to my "38 yo" son. School parking lot, backing up, bound to happen someday and he will be helping out to pay for the fix.

Compared to what's going on in the rest of the world, it was just another week. Could be a hell of a lot worse. Bet Michael Phelp's mom is glad it's a new week. It's all the cards get dealt and what you do with them. At least I have three healthy boys who are learning how to cope with the world. We recently had a suicide in town of a middle school age child, an impulsive act that has caused a lot of pain for other children and parents. It really comes down to coping skills and how you realize that what seems to be awful, is just a bump in the road. My son was able to go on his trip and my other guy will get a new passport with his correct age and he learned how to report an accident. Nothing earth shattering, just inconvenient.


  1. Well, because of the unpopularity of Michael Phelp's right now, I got my Tony Tigers -- er. . . make that Frosted Flakes -- for a bargain. Got three boxes of them for the usual price of one! Hey, he's not God . . . he can make a mistake. Apparantly Kellogs thinks differently so they want to get rid of stuff in stores with his picture on it. Lucky me!

  2. Suicide really does leave aftershocks, doesn't it? On a much, much lighter note, I think you think and act SO YOUNG for a woman with a 38-year-old son!

  3. Just letting you know I'm reading you :)

  4. Wow. A 38 year old son? Makes you feel old, doesn't it? Glad your world traveler got the opportunity to get some cash. That's scary to be so far away with no access to money!

    I love your attitude, girlfriend. It's all about "perspective," isn't it?


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