Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today was a Food Bliss Day....

I grew up in a working class suburb of Boston where 30 years ago there were ethnic, religious sections of town. We had a very Italian section which is the hub for the best bread/sub rolls in New England. Besides bread, there is also a meat store where you can buy fresh sausage. This is what I miss the most by living in New Hampshire.

But today was the best, we drove my middle guy and a friend to Logan Airport in Boston for their "senior" trip down to Savannah to visit girl friends. (Oh to be 18 again....) On the way to visit my parents for lunch we stopped in my two favorite stores. We now have some soft chewy rolls, fresh cold cuts and sausage for our ski trip. Since the weather is predicted to be bad, we came up a night earlier and I bought a Chicken Parmesan Calzone for my son and his friend. It was so good and I don't care that it was better than anything I make. But you know what I really enjoyed about the shopping today????? Customer service! The best you could ask for. Maybe beyond the food, that's what I also missed. My blissful food day was capped off by Mom's pepper steak subs and the brownies that she sent my home with.

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  1. What a neat memory maker! NOW, I am hungry!!!!!


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