Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

I am in the middle of My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult and I don't want to do anything except read. How the heck did I miss this one since it was published in 2004 and when I start to talk about it, everyone is like, oh yea, I read that and cried. Oh great, so now I know the ending is going to be a tear jerker. Anyways, it's book with a lot of emotion and characters that you develop feelings for as they live deal with a family member with a terminal illness. The medical side of me is fascinated, the mother in me is repelled by the shafting of other's feelings for the good of one and the reader in me just wants to forget the world and just sit in bed and read.

Did I watch the Inaguration today? Unfortunately no, but as we went to lunch, we got a glimpse of President Obama walking up to the podium and I wished we had a public television in an eating area at the hospital. I mentioned to my co-worker that we should pull a Grey's Anatomy, find a room with an unresponsive patient and eat lunch there while watching the television. She asked how we were supposed to do that since our time on patient floor is non-existent. I thought just going in random rooms and asking how patients were would work. Say hello to those who respond and then when they didn't that would be our televison time. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't that keen on the idea, so it was cafeteria time and no tv.

Can you believe that we lived to see a day such as today? It's amazing to me that enough people voted to make the change in our government. My son is in school in London right now and in his classes he has students from Europe and the United States. There is a girl in one of his classes who is blaming the United States for everything wrong in the world. To which I replied, "If all you knew about the United States was based on the last 8 years....can you really be that upset with how she feels?"


  1. Thanks for reminding me of how good Grey's can be. I've been so disappointed in it this year I forgot the funny days gone by.

    And wasn't today just terrific? I'm so proud of my country just now!

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  3. I watched TV all day long. I was looking for one of our high school bands but apparently they were towards the end and the shows cut to news or regular programming -- even the President and his wife didn't stay until the end of the parade which was a shame. I hope I don't fall asleep and miss it if they have it on the local news. The band here were a last minute replacement for one that didn't get to go after being chosen to go. . .

    Sorry that you didn't get to see any of it because of work. Gosh, you could even see it on u tube because it was streaming all day -- you mean you don't have a blackberry or something to do that?

    I understand your last line completely. I know things have got to get better because they can't be worse.

    It was good to see you drop by my blog.

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  6. You mentioned over at The Eclectic Life that you no longer do the Thursday Thirteen.

    I understand you have a full plate, but if you still want to do it, there is a new site set up! (by someone else :-D Not me...but they found me SO FAST! I was surprised!)

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