Monday, January 12, 2009

Books, Dishcloths and Weekend update

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A 2 hour car ride is a great time to catch up on reading and this last weekend we drove up north for a nordic ski event. The nordic meet was not the greatest race for my son, picture 140 boys emerging from the woods on Cross country skis and then imagine one of them missing a pole. That would be my unhappy skier. His heart is just not into it this year and he would rather be snowboarding. A passing skier came too close, got wrapped up in the pole and my bub ended up in the woods. Bet his time would have been much better. By the way, the Old Man in Mountain is still missed as we drive through the Notch.
Read another book by Billie Letts, Made in America, kind of a rough book to read since it is a graphic account of a brother and sister trying to exist on their own in Las Vegas. I would recommend it though. Another quick read for me this weekend was Someone Like You by Barbara Breton, a light romance, but a good twist to the story. Sometimes you just have to read to escape and if my son makes fun of the romance sitting on the island as not being literature, I may have to throw it at him.
My oldest is off to London in two days for 4 months to study. He is beyond excited and it will be strange having him so far away. But then there is the power of Apple computers and we will be able to chat occasionally. What a deal he has for a schedule, Fridays off and since he is taking a theater class, he will be able to attend shows. Where can I sign up for that life?
That's okay, I will be home knitting up dishcloths that I have found through the Knit Along group on Ravelry and the charity squares for Pine Ridge. Perhaps the second mitten might get finished along with my middle guy's afghan. So go ahead to London dear, we will be just fine.


  1. Please tell me that you didn't polish off those books while you were driving the two hours.

    London. Sigh. I'm jealous of your son.

  2. How neat your son gets to study in London! I hope he has a safe trip and learns a lot and enjoys his time there! Neat that you read so much! Enjoy your knitting projects as they will be appreciated.


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