Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Projects and Why Weight?

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First off, I had a busy weekend of reading and making squares. It's fun trying out different patterns in both knitting and crocheting to make the squares. How colorful these afghans will be for The Pine Ridge Reservation, after Pam gets to mix and match all the colors and sizes.

Monday after work, I headed over to Borders with a co-worker to teach her how to crochet. Teaching just one on one works for crocheting, and I can't imagine how hard it would be in a group. Just hanging out at Borders with a big old cup of tea and crocheting was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon. Plus, I have to admit, I am a people watcher and listener which makes an hour of hanging out at the Cafe, fun. I have great faith in my co-worker's abilities and know that she will get the hang of it, once she relaxes.

And did I leave Borders without buying a book? Hell, no! I had a 40% coupon along with a $5 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. I left with a very cool Socks a la Carte book, just went to Amazon and the price matched what I spent. It is a flip chart book where I can mix and match sock patterns for the heel, instep and cuff/leg. This will fit in nicely with my Christmas knitting books that I was given, 2- One Skein project books, one regular ( 101 yarn shop favorites) and the other for luxury yarns. Somehow, I can justify buying a craft book versus a best seller fiction. Isn't that what my library is for?

Then it was back to Weight Watchers, it was time to get back on track. The changes they have made to the program are very good and makes sense. I did well two years ago and need to get rid of the 14 pounds that found me again. It would even be nicer to lose 20 pounds total. It can be done!!

Now if I could just figure out a way to knit/crochet while on the treadmill, I would be in business!


  1. Teaching is noble. The book choice, not so much

  2. There's a woman in my church who sits in the highest reaches, all alone, and knits throughout the service. By herself, just her needles and a big basket filled with yarn. I think she looks so cool. Between the two of you, I may be inspired to pick it up!

  3. Socks a la Carte? How's that working for you? I am not sure I will ever try to knit socks...they would probably wind up big enough for a Sasquatch!

  4. Sounds like an interesting day! I like your knitted squares the best! I usually crochet or read a book when traveling by public transit otherwise known as the bus.

  5. That sock pattern book looks awesome. Now I want it!!! :-D I LOVE to knit socks!!!


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