Sunday, December 07, 2008

Remind Me Again: Christmas Date

Why do I allow this holiday to sneak up on me every year? Why couldn't I be more like Tea and get my shopping done earlier? And why does our town have our property taxes due on December 1st? Like Shelly, I still haven't done my Christmas cards and yes, for some I feel it's just a waste since I see some of the people often. But then there are a few people that I do like to stay in touch with. But why do I let this holiday cause to feel guilty and rushed? Because I let it, mmmm, New Year's Resolution, get the Christmas shopping and cards done earlier.

Then there's the ambitious knitting projects that I haven't completed yet. Without getting into details, since I think some of the recipients may read this blog, I can safely say that felting yarn won't be a passion of mine. I just don't have the patience, pictures to follow in another post or two. But I am not thrilled with the Noro felting and will have to re-wash the items a few more times. It would have helped if I had used the right size needles for the second object and it appears that "they" are right about larger needles to be used for felting. The good news of all of this, is that I will be felting some bags for Shelly's Good Medicine Bag project and have some darker wool to be used for boy bags, after Christmas. I will be patient, because I think the outcome will be worth it.

The Christmas tree is up, the cats are leaving it alone. Now I wish I could say the same of the cotton stuffed stars, wreaths and santas that were sitting on my windows. Stash seems to think that they look better strewn about the house. When he sees one of these decorations, he is beside himself in trying to get to it. (Btw- see that pretty tree skirt under the tree? It's now balled up behind the tree, since the cats have taken over that real estate, better under than in the branches, I say....)

Gift buying, another minefield.....what to get our parents who have what they need. Is it necessary to get stuff for the sake of a gift? Next year, I want to knit sweaters for my aunt and mother and will just have to do that earlier. Gift certificates to restaurants work well for my in laws since they like to go out to eat, but it seems impersonal. As for my kids, we plan on a trip to London in the spring to visit my oldest who will be doing a semester in England, no big gifts for them this year!!

What dilemmas do you deal with at Christmas time? Relatives, gifts, food, time, cards or just fitting everything in?


  1. For me, holidays can be so darned stressful, Jen...and it's not just the cards. I don't like shopping, I don't like crowds, and I don't like juggling my calendar. I resolve to make handmade gifts for next year...and start the needles clicking right after New Years! Remind me of that, won't you? LOL

  2. I received two cards already. I have made one. . . guess I need to get busy. All my Christmas shopping is complete. . . I bought gift cards to Borders for everyone!!!!!!!!!! Ü That's not true. . . I bought things for two needy kids and it took two days to find a doll I liked that didn't talk. The crafts request was easier.

    I have only made one card. I plan to work on mine this week -- I usually send mine ut late as I can because I don't want a card back just because I sent someone one. If someone wants to send me a card, let them but don't make it dependent on if I send them one.

    Now the news says we might get snow next weekend so I better hurry and get learning how to use my new camera. I guess that's my early Christmas present. That and two mysteries to read -- one of which I already finished. I am just hoping for snow so I can go get some photos and shovel some people's sidewalks.

  3. I enjoy the cards. Did them over Thanksgiving weekend and felt very good about reconnecting with people. All my shopping is long done. But, before you hate me, the one that stymies me is my holiday decorations. I have a very nice artificial tree and a lovely collection of ornaments and lights and garlands. But the only cat-safe room is the den, and the den is SUCH a mess and here it is 12/8 already and I still haven't got it into shape for my tree. Sometimes I hate myself for my sloppiness and lack of discipline. Happy Holidays!

  4. I'm just a procrastinator by nature and have a hard time completing anything "early". Deep down I must like the stress & pressure! I think last year was the first time I wasn't wrapping my daughter's gifts after midnight on Christmas Eve.

  5. Well the shopping was good to get out of the way because the crowds drive me nuts but then there is the wrapping and mailing and cards, oh yes the cards! I just realized today that I haven't sent any cards out so I have to get that on the go. Thankfully we seem to be sending less and less each year.

    I find making handmade gifts is nice and it gives it the special "I'm thinking of you" feel to it.

    For my in-laws we created a gift basket with a few of their favorite treats a movie to enjoy and I knit the each a pair of slippers.

    We are starting a new trend and it is buying items for people in need. This year my husband bought 3 duck families on behalf of some family members and I bought him a pair of breeding rabbits. Great for us with some family who just has too much and anything we could buy would be chucked into a garage sale.

  6. I forgot to add what a beautiful tree you have!


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