Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Images 2009
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The one thing that I have done early this year is to decorate the house for Christmas. We have been lucky to have had all the boys help us decorate the tree with us each year. I know that won't last forever, but it's nice to have it now.

The Santa Claus in the bottom is from my parent's and he is now over 49 years old. Each year, the boys tell me that he smells old. They're right, but smelly old St. Nick and his cardboard chimney are my connection to the decorations that I grew up with.

This weekend, I have to get the village set up on my back porch. My parents have an elaborate village which they build on and we end up with the sub-division village, an eclectic mix of village buildings and people from both my parents and my husband's aunt.

Tea has a contest going and after going to her blog tonight, I realized that I hadn't entered yet, so here is a slice of what we have for decorations. (Are the cats under the tree considered decorative?)


  1. Oh, I love your smelly old Santa and his cardboard chimney! He seems to be a bit fond of blush and lipgloss, there, too. But he's a retro charmer and I want one now.

    I consider any cats under the tree not eating needles nor chewing light cords decorative. And angelic.

  2. Well, I clicked on to enlarge and got interrupted. Then I came back and posted a comment but it was at Flciker. lol I am reapple4you on yahoo. This is what I said in the wrong place.

    Looks like you are about ready for Christmas decorating wise! I have my tree up all year but I do take all the ornaments off in December and dust them before returning them to the tree.


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