Friday, November 28, 2008

To Market, to market- not me on Black Friday!!

First off, the market bag is what I just finished tonight after running out of yarn yesterday at my brother's condo in Maine. I am so glad that I went the 12 inches instead of the 15 inches since it is so stretchy as you can see in this picture. Reminder to self: Don't start a lacy knitting project when you are watching a football game. I had to take out two rows twice b/c of miscounting. After about 8 repeats of the pattern, I was able to figure out right away if I was doing the right pattern. It then became easy. I think this bag is going to be part of my yankee swap for work, I might go with a "green" theme. Any ideas what I could add to it?It was a nice Thanksgiving spent manning the oven while most of my family went out to go skiing/snowboarding. I sat and knitted while watching movies as my brother tried to catch up on his sleep. He works 7 nights on with 7 nights off as a Pharmacist and I know the week off can be tough, especially since he wasn't feeling A-1. The turkey that he was roasting was delicious as it cooked with butter soaked cheesecloth and hourly bastings. I was on vegetable and dessert duty with another couple bringing a salad and squash. The squash was cooked without butter and it so good! I have to find that recipe on line, since it was so tasty. We ate our Thanksgiving meal at supper and it made for a relaxing day. The evening was spent watching some very funny old SNL skits, some I knew and some I had never seen before, such as the Cork Soaking.

There wasn't much traffic over to Sunday River and overall there wasn't much traffic on Wednesday. A comment that One Gal made on my recent post made me wonder whether people stayed home in order to go out shopping today. I sure hope not. I wouldn't have given up my day of knitting by the fire while my family was out enjoying the snow. When I was younger, I don't think there was such the big deal about shopping the day after Thanksgiving as there is now. Actually the comment made during last night's newscast that had a story about people waiting at a mall last night for it to open at midnight was: "Some people have got to get a life." That sentiment would be mine when it comes to shopping!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving although I don't know why you didn't want to be in the snow too. (I am jealous.)

    The bag looks beautiful. I don't know what to put in the bag that is "green." Maybe a bottle of vinegar to wash windows? lol

    Drop by and see the two wreaths I made Friday. . .

  2. LOVE the bag, it's perfect. I wish I was a more gifted knitter. I am a good baker, though. TOO good ha ha.

  3. There's a great old Rock Hudson/Lauren Bacall movie called "Written on the Wind." It's a technicolor soap opera where everyone is rich and suffers in terrific clothes. My favorite line of dialog is spoken by the kitchen staff on a stormy night, "There's gonna be a killin'." That's how I feel about Black Friday. And this year I heard the toll was 3 -- one store employee was trampled, and two were killed in a shooting at, I believe, Toys R Us. If that's not a reason to stay home and concentrate on your bags, I don't know what is!


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