Monday, December 15, 2008

Here, But No Internet- New England Ice Storm

We are one of the lucky ones, we lost power during the storm and had it over the weekend. But have had no internet/phone service since Friday. The pictures that I took on Saturday are amazing and all I can say is, the smell of pine when you open your door in December is not a good thing. We had a lot of big boughs come down and the snapping was incredible. So I will not be around visiting other blogs for a few days.

I just heard from home and now we don't have power due to the wind of today and the branches that came down with the wind. It sure makes life interesting in NH.

Stay safe, warm and send us some energy!!


  1. What a mean trick for mother nature to pull on the Northeast at this time of year.

    I pray the bitter cold we're having here in Colorado doesn't head that way before power is restored to all.

    Can't wait to see your photo's.

  2. Please have heat. That's the most important thing. It seems that you're maintaining your spirit of adventure which, while not on Maslov's Hierarchy, is very important, too!

  3. I hope you get it back soon - stay warm and stay safe!


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