Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bad Cat- When a Catnip Mouse Toy isn't Enough

Mini and toy.JPGYesterday I knitted a couple of cat nip mice, from a pattern found at Wendy Knits. I am involved in a swap on Ravelry and thought I would make a couple for my spoilee. I did give my cats the first one that I made and Mini got to play with it first. By the time I went to bed, the other cats had played with it and the mouse got taken off to the cat toy box, the bottom of the cellar stairs.

This morning, my husband found a plastic bag with remnants of organic material by Mini. We think she is stoned now....there wasn't a lot of cat nip left. It's amazing to me that she got my knitting bag open to get at it during the night. Are you seeing a pattern here? Mini on the appliances and Mini getting at the cat nip?
Be very wary of the small cute ones.


  1. Mini is driven, isn't she? She reminds me of me with caffeine. I'll do anything to get it, then I crash and want to curl up in a Dr. Pepper box.

    I have a Tidy Cat corrugated box in my living room. It's a combination bed and hiding place and playland. Wonder how many homes in Architectural Digest have picked up on this decorating staple?

  2. Doesn't every house have an empty box in the living area? I thought that was required...

  3. Poor kitty . . .

  4. Poor kitty . . .

  5. Anytime I've tried to leave a cat nip filled toy in Ginger's stocking at Christmas we've woken up to find the stocking and it's contents strewn all over the living room, they can sniff it a mile away!

  6. I'm sorry...I think I really like Mini. That Dr. Pepper box picture is a hoot. Yep, those small cute ones are the worst. And, why in the heck didn't you put that catnip FAR AWAY! You know better than to leave it around. Temptation is too much for any addict...especially 4 legged ones.


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