Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Great Morning after a Long Election Day

I admit it, Obama wasn't my choice in the primary, however the Democrats in this country have picked a winner! It wasn't until Senator McCain picked Sarah Palin, that I decided that McCain was basing his vice president choice on just a small, vocal evangelical base. The Palin pick was the "nail" for me, it was a choice that demonstrated a lack of respect for the people of America when the vetting process was shown to be lacking. Did he really think that she could be a president? Was she really going to help him get the Hillary voters? I want a president smarter than me.
Obama gained my respect with each debate as he listened and gave thought out answers. Later on in the campaigning, Obama when asked a question would answer it postively without pointing fingers at the other side unlike his opponents. I wanted to believe that the Bradley effect was over and that more than just the young voters would see beyond the color of his skin to recognize how smart he is, just look at the groundwork and people involved! And yes, I even questioned whether he was electable, but he has shown us that "Yes we can".
Today on MSNBC, the New York Post editor was asked why they endorsed Obama and his answer reflected my own feelings, the republicans were in office for 8 years and didn't deserve another 4 years. This morning feels a lot better than two other Wednesday mornings and after the emotional day of voting and watching the results throughout the night...the future is brighter. ( The picture above is from the New York Post and is one of many great photos from last night.)
And you know what made yesterday even better for me? My oldest volunteered in the Get out the vote at school and my youngest spent the evening with us on a laptop following the results and learning about states. They have been bitten by the politic bug, good.


  1. Good work, Mom! You have an activist son!

    There have been many other politicians who I liked better and respected more than Barack Obama. But I was in that positive and very loving mass of humanity in Grant Park on Tuesday night, and I am happy to report that I have NEVER seen a leader who could inspire such a diverse group of Americans. I'm still floating on the natural high that came with being there, and I'm optimistic about our future as a nation.

  2. I liked McCain at first although I am not a Republican and I do switch when I feel the need.

    BUT when he chose Palin, I said, " absolutely not." I couldn't stand her and I worried how she could take over if it became necessary -- McCain isn't a young man anymore. I don't think she has a chance in hell of getting elected 4 years from now or even 8. I have nothing against a woman president -- I was for Hillary in the Primaries. I really hoped Obama would pair up with Hillary. I am still hoping he will give her some kind of cabinet job.

    I am excited to see young kids in the white house too! God bless our new President and his family!

  3. Obama was not my choice, but I think it is time for Americans to come together and put the divisiveness, hatred, and fingering pointing behind us. The last thing this country needs is another 4 (or 8 years) of one "side" hating the other. We need to be one!


Any thoughts or musings of your own to add?