Sunday, November 02, 2008

7 Weird Things to Make Me Happy

No Nonsense Girl has a post that includes 7 weird facts about herself and I took the liberty of tweaking it for me.

1. I kind of inherited a Kitchenaid Ultra mixer minus the whip and dough hook attachment. It has rarely been used and today I made Banana Bread. Yea, this appliance has found a home on my counter. Looks like I will be baking more.

2. Today I worked as a lab tech and had to draw blood this morning. All of my patients were over 80 years old and I had one tell me that I was excellent b/c I drew her in a spot that no else has before. When my coworkers came by to see if I needed help, I let the patient tell them how good I was. Everyone I drew today was pleasant and chatty, it was a great way to start the day.

3. Daylight saving time, I have to say that I love getting up when it is light and am not to upset about it getting darker earlier. Now that cats just have to figure it out for themselves without waking us up.

4. No more sports for my kids until the end of the month for one of them. I have reached the point where I am glad my son is done with football forever.

5. We are going to Sunday River for Thanksgiving and I am not even planning to ski, it's going to be a simple meal with my brother and all the boys can go out and play in the snow. The couch in front of the fireplace sounds good to me!

6. Knitting socks is fun. Can't believe that I would ever say that. It's kind of dumb b/c you can buy a sock for so much less!

7. Getting my driveway paved over, it's going to make snow removal so much easier this winter.

There's some random things making me happy, anything weird making you happy? I purposely didn't include the election this Tuesday, because there is nothing weird about that making us all happy to not have to see another political ad.


  1. I got up this morning to darkness. . . how did you have light? I thought it was supposed to stay lighter with daylight savings time -- in the evening. . .

    Snow makes me happy . . .

  2. I had the embedded comment form checked off and I think with all my playing around on the page, the comments need to come up in a new window.

  3. I thought I had commented here earlier, sweet deal on the kitchenaid - lucky you!

  4. I think it's terrific that you are so good at drawing blood. I've had some techs who feel like they're using knitting needles (and I see from your socks that you know just how cumbersome those can be). I know your older patients must appreciate it, too, because they're given blood so many times before.

  5. I enjoy it getting dark early because I associate it with winter and I used to/still count the days until cold finally made/makes it to Florida. But once it gets dark my body thinks the day is over, grin.

    You are a multi-talented woman, Jenny.


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